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The Mac version won't let me open the file. I also tried to use the itch app and wouldn't work there either. This is what came up on the itch app "opening archive: creating zip extractor: zip: not a valid zip file".

There definitely wasn't a lot of time for character development, I felt like the jump from strangers to friends to love interests was a bit abrupt, the characters personalities didn't have a chance to feel very consistent because of the time frame that the content was pushed into, but I think I remember reading at the end that this was just sort of a test run or preview, I could be wrong though since it's been awhile since I actually first played it. The good thing though is that it's been maybe a few weeks since I downloaded it, and I still liked it enough that I tried finding it again (cause i'm dumb and couldn't remember the name lol) I liked Jinx a lot and went for him first because i'm a sucker for the crazy ones, so I really am looking forward to seeing if the story gets fleshed out anymore. Im really sorry if this comes off as too negative or anything, I really like the story and the characters, I'm just a bit excited to see more of it :x

Well, first of all, you're very right this was a mixture between a test run and a preview. It's more to get used to the software that I use, and get used to these characters. There really isn't too much that can be done on this project at least to fix these things but your thoughts will definitely be in mind as I write the main project. Thank you so much for pointing these things out.

Got three endings so far and looking forward to playing through the rest! (Puts pineapple on pizza.)

Well I'm glad you like the game so far. I would really like to know though, which endings did you go for first?

Well, first I got sloth, lol.
Then I went for both of Kent's last choice branch.

Sweet, okay.

hello id like to announce my undying love for jinx thank u so much for making this!! its so charming and i had such a good time playing it